Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mobile App for Restaurant

You've heard of the popular iPhone and iPad devices, and the Android phones. You also know that the users of these phones are able to download and use literally thousands of mobile applications to enhance their experience. What you may not know is that a large number of these apps are created for businesses just like yours. That's right! Many types of companies, both large and small, are using the amazing mobile application technology to quickly reach customers while also capturing new customers. Multichoice Apps can create a customized mobile app for your business that will benefit both your company and your customers.
Multichoice Apps makes great mobile apps for restaurateurs and banquet halls. We have created an app for Verdi Banquet Hall ( that has helped the business keep its current customers informed while also allowing them to access other services such as making reservations or booking events. Below are some other features of the Verdi mobile app:
• Contact form: customers can enter their contact information into designated fields and leave their comments, questions, or requests.
• Booking page: clients that want to reserve space for an event can use this part of the app to schedule future events.
• Menu and Selections: customers can see what food items are available at Verdi as well as get more information on catering options.
• Maps/Directions: People interested in finding out how to get to Verdi Banquet Hall can use the app to pull up maps and/or driving directions.
• One Touch Calling: Verdi’s mobile app gives users the option to place a call directly to the business with just one tap on the screen.
• Push Notification: Multichoice can create apps that send real-time updates in the form of messages directly to your phone. They can be received even when you’re using another application!
If you have a restaurant, you can see how important it is to make all of these options available to your customers. You also can now see how great it is to be able to allow your clients to access all of this from their phones with a few taps on their screens. Multichoice Apps ( makes great mobile apps for businesses and we can work with you to make this a reality. Contact us today and let's get started on the creation of a great app for your business!

Monday, February 7, 2011

How people find apps

The Apple App Store is an amazing place. Why is that? Well, people with the iPhone that are looking for a particular product or service can go to the App Store, search for it, find the application that appeals to them, then download it to their phone and use it. The best part of this phenomenon is that it can all be done in a matter of minutes, or seconds if you’re super fast! As a business, your company can greatly benefit from making your company available to thousands of people looking for you. Let’s look at how the App Store works.

The App Store can be accessed by iPhone users in two ways: either through the iPhone itself or through iTunes. Let’s discuss the iPhone App Store experience.  While holding the iPhone, users can tap the App Store icon. It is very similar to using iTunes, so the App Store will feel very familiar to most iPhone owners. They are then greeted by a page that gives them the option to look at new apps that have been added and the most popular and frequently-downloaded Apps under “What’s Hot.”  Apps are displayed in a list with up to 5-star ratings and price.  Along the bottom of the screen users will find tabs for Featured, Categories, Top 25, Search, and Updates. Having a good rating will prompt people to try your app so Multichoice will use its expertise to create a very appealing application to get you the results that you are seeking.

Next, users can tap on Categories and see a list of different app categories along with the number of apps in each category. They can tap on a category to browse the list of apps in it. Selecting the Top 25 tab will give users a list of the most popular 25 apps. This allows them to see what their fellow iPhone owners are using and the apps they prefer. People will review and rate your company’s mobile application, and this determines how easy it will be for people to find your business. Multichoice Apps knows how to make your app user-friendly and enjoyable, and this will give users the urge to go give your app great ratings, which will result in more downloads and more popularity.

The Search tab displays a list of available applications as users type in a name or subject, similar to searching for music in iTunes. Once they find an interesting app, they can tap on it and see the price as well as more details on the application. If a user decides they want the app, they can click on it and download it. That’s it! The application will do the rest of the work and eventually lead them to contacting you about your products and services.

You can now see why many companies have developed iPhone apps to promote their goods and services. It is a win-win situation for the client and company – customers get access to the services they need while companies have a chance to easily obtain new customers and provide exceptional service to new customers. Contact Multichoice Apps today and discuss how your company can have the next big mobile app for the iPhone! Contact us now at