Friday, November 30, 2012

Mobile App for Health Care Marketing

Your medical office is flourishing because you take great care of your patients and staff, and they reward you with referrals and great service. However, you have been looking at a way to allow your customers to stay in contact with your office and also make it easier for them to set appointments? There is an easy way – create a mobile application for your business! Why is this effective? It is a great tool because any client with an iPhone or Android phone device can access your medical office at any time of the day or night. Exactly how many of your current and potential clients use these devices? More than you think!
Mobile app for medical office

Multichoice Apps makes great mobile apps for all types of medical offices. One wonderful mobile app that we have created for a real company that can give you an idea of what we can do for you is the Atlanta Institute of Medicine and Rehabilitation iPhone app. Their creative mobile application has helped the office keep its current patients informed while also allowing them to access other services such as setting appointments and biographical pages about the doctors serving them. Below are some other features of the AIMR mobile app that can also work great and be customized for your office.

• Beautiful Greeting Page: your first impression of your app on current and new patients will be one of professionalism and neatness. You can include clear, crisp pictures of your specialists and healthcare tools in action while also including a photo of your building. This page also provides links to the Appointments and Notifications pages.
• About The Medical Center: People can read about your office and its specialties to figure out if you are the right doctor for their treatment. You can also discuss the history of your medical office as well as talk about how you conduct services today.
• About The Staff: Multichoice Apps can also include bio pages about each doctor or specialist in the office and their areas of expertise. This will help patients become familiar with the person they will see before they arrive at the office, which provides for a more inviting experience.
• Special Pages for Special Care: Does your office have a Pain Clinic or Therapy Center? Why not include a special page for each specialty that discusses what is offered and how to learn more about it.
• Detailed Appointment Setting: Patients that want to set up consultations can do so easily by using customized fields to select the times, dates, and state the reason for their visit. This saves the client time and allows you to prepare before you meet face to face. You may discover from this appointment setting that the person actually needs the care of another kind of doctor, and this will allow you to direct them to someone that can truly help them.
• One Touch Buttons: multiple pages in the app allow users to call, email, or get directions to your medical office with just one tap on the screen. They can also use the Tell Friend option to inform others of your mobile app and service offerings.
• Links to your other Advertising Media: Do you currently have a Facebook page, Twitter profile, or YouTube page showing the types of medical services you offer? If so, you can link it to your app and people can access all of your information across multiple platforms from one device. They cannot miss you! If you do not currently have other media but are interested in creating it to give your patients other options then Multichoice Apps can also assist you with expanding your marketing media.
• Quick access to your website: Your mobile application is an extension of your medical office, and so is your website. Why not link the two and allow patients to navigate your website through the app?
• Push Notification: Multichoice Apps can create apps that send real-time updates in the form of messages directly to the users’ phones. They can be received even when they are using another application! Therefore, if one or more doctors may be out on a particular day, or if the office will be closed, you can let your patients know immediately.

If you have a medical office or manage one, you can see how important it is to make all of these options available to your patients. You also can see how great it is to allow your patients to create a relationship with you and your staff with a few taps on their screens. Multichoice Apps has made great mobile apps for medical offices and we can do the same for yours. You can heal many people and also mend the communication gap between you and your patients. Contact us today and let's get started on your office’s next great creation – an amazing new mobile app!

Mobile Applications for Small Business from Multichoice Apps

Mobile app for auto dealer
Multichoice Apps creates very professional mobile applications for businesses that are looking to get an edge on the competition. What is a mobile application? Mobile apps are programs designed by developers that are designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices such as laptops and tablet computers. Mobile apps are created for games and utilities to help people use their devices. However, businesses are also creating and reaping the benefits of having mobile apps because it gives their customers a way to easily interact with them while also allowing them to keep their clients informed and updated on promotions, specials, and other important information that may be useful to customers.

Multichoice Apps makes great mobile applications for any type of business but our automobile dealership apps have become very popular and successful. Here are a few reasons why our apps stand apart from the rest:

  • Learn about the Dealership – The mobile apps created by Multichoice are equipped with an About Us page that tells the customer about your dealership and also introduces the staff.
  • Inventory – Current and potential customers can see your vehicle inventory in real-time with just a tap on their screens!
  • News – You can publish current news about your dealership as well as updates on what’s going on in your industry.
  • Contact Us – Users can use this functionality to request a quote, link to your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) or contact you with general questions or comments.
  • Find Us – Customers can use their phone’s GPS to get directions to your dealership

Amazing Tools – Multichoice’s mobile apps are equipped with a QR code reader that can help you obtain useful information, a trip recorder to help you keep track mileage and distance, a parking assistant to help you find your vehicle in a large lot, roadside assistance module to request help in times of need, and a stopwatch for you to track time when you need to.

In addition to the above, Multichoice Apps also has more options that it can incorporate into your app because it can be completely customized for your business needs. Just contact us at your convenience and see what we can do for you. Contact Multichoice Apps today

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dealers: Your mobile app can do more than just tell people that you exist

You have decided to create a mobile application for your business and this was a great idea! Excitement has filled the dealership and the staff is ready to tell the customers and even their families about the arrival of a mobile app that users can now run on their iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. People ask what the new mobile app will contain, and you have briefed the staff on how to respond and describe cool features such as the inventory manager that allows customers to view up-to-date information on vehicles that are currently for sale. You also discuss the QR reader that is enclosed, as well as the parking assistant that helps you find your car in a crowded parking lot. You also mention the About Us page where people can go learn more about the dealership itself and the staff. However, one thing that slips your mind is the Roadside Assistance module. People must know about this function because it is one of the great features of your mobile app!

The Roadside Assistance is a great option that is included in the mobile apps designed by Multichoice Apps that helps stranded motorists get help without having to worry about who to call in an emergency situation. The best thing about this is that users can place a call for help with just one touch on the screen.  As the owner of the mobile app, you have the option of having the call placed to your dealership and sending one of your emergency vehicles to assist the motorist or you can route it to a third party company to provide the assistance, such as AAA or a local towing company. All your customers have to do is provide the assisting company with their location and a summary of the issue and they can get help right away!

Providing Roadside Assistance through your application will show users of the mobile app that you are serious about providing quality service to them before and after the sale of a vehicle. This builds loyalty, which turns into repeat customers. Multichoice Apps have designed mobile apps for many automobile dealers and their feedback indicates that the roadside assistance module is a favorite for many customers. We can help you develop loyal customers with the creation of a great mobile for your dealership.

Ready to get started? Call us today!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Attention: New iPhone Application for Auto Dealers

(Press Release) – June 17, 2011 – The latest innovation for auto dealer websites comes from Multichoice Apps.  Multichoice is very well-respected and has gained a reputation for creating exciting, professional mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android operating platforms. They also specialize in dealer friendly web-based platform and flexible web solutions.   The release of their customized mobile apps for dealerships is something the auto industry has not seen before.

With this groundbreaking “one- step” iPhone app technology, dealers can now auto load vehicle inventory into their systems via their mobile devices. They simply take photos of the inventory, click “save” and the dealer website inventory is automatically updated, without going back to a computer.  This saves time and effort, and allows a lot manager or employee to get a vehicle listing up as soon as a car arrives to the dealership.  What an easy and effective way to manage auto dealership website inventories!  Multichoice’s apps are quite robust and allow for multiple images of the same vehicle to be captured and listed.

No more walking from vehicle to vehicle across the lot to find that perfect car, truck or SUV for a customer.  With a complete photo gallery in the palm of their hands, the sales team can now help customers identify which vehicles they want to see before they take a tour of the lot, and customers can have a better idea of what they want before they get there. The time saved and increased efficiency will surely be appreciated by both the buyer and the selling dealership.  The inconvenient time gaps between new vehicles arriving at a dealership and the updated inventory pages of the dealer website will also be minimized or eliminated altogether.  

Multichoice Apps also provide services such as search engine optimization, social media marketing packages that include Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter profile customizations for businesses.   To learn more about these services and other options available through Multichoice Apps, visit their website at

Monday, June 13, 2011

Importance of video presentations for auto dealers

You are always looking for ways to differentiate your dealership from the others in your area. You pass out fliers and run commercials on the local networks, and the other dealerships do the same. You post banners and have specials, and the other dealerships follow, sometimes with bigger signs and even a mascot dancing on a corner. What else can you do to break away from the pack? You must do what the competition is not doing, and one thing that can set you ahead is having customized videos of your dealership created and marketed to potential consumers. Why make videos? Well, customers are attracted to professionalism and creativity, and if this leads them to the product or service that they want, then they are more likely to do business with the company that takes the extra step. Multichoice Apps has created amazing videos for dealerships that have worked wonders for them. These videos are intriguing and have made some marketing departments very happy!

Multichoice creates videos for dealerships in seven segments:

Welcome – The most important part of any transaction is the introduction because a first impression goes a long way. Multichoice can help you create a captivating introduction that gets the customer’s attention and keeps them watching while being hungry for more information.
Sales – This segment can introduce the general manager and sales staff, and it can be creative in telling the customers why they should come out and visit your dealership. Specials and new vehicles can also be put on display here, and even seen in action.
Parts – Even new vehicles will need parts at some point, and your Parts department can be introduced in this segment. You have the option of showing some new parts on display or just discussing the elite organization and content of your inventory.
Service - Dealerships with good Service departments are more important today then they have ever been because with the technology in cars increasing, customers have to lean more towards the Service staff for maintenance because many newer vehicles now require specialized attention. Your Parts staff can be put on display here.
Finance – At some point you and your customers have to talk about money, and this segment can introduce the Finance staff and make people feel comfortable discussing their financial information before they even step into the dealership. Financing options can also be discussed in this video.
Internet Department – Since the car buying process can now start on the internet, your Internet Sales department can be promoted here. Online deals, promotions, and just the excitement of internet shopping with your dealership can be presented in this segment.
Testimonials – People discussing their satisfaction with your dealership in a video goes a long way with potential customers, especially if the satisfied customers are genuine about the service they received from you. Multichoice can help create a great atmosphere for testimonials and capture them in an amazing video.

One thing to remember is that these videos can be found in search engines, right along with your web page! The best part about it is that SEO (search engine optimization) will allow customers to be led directly to your YouTube channel and Facebook pages, where the videos will be embedded as well. Multichoice also specializes in designing these channels and Facebook layouts so we can actually provide you with a total package of video creation and YouTube/Facebook layout customization. The power is in your hands!

If you’re ready to go that extra mile for success, contact Multichoice Apps today and let us create some great videos for your dealership!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mobile Apps Design

As a growing business, you now realize that jumping on the technology wave is critical to your business’s success. You also see the importance of having an iPhone and Android application developed. You’ve put your boat into the water and floated around a little, and you see that there are some other companies out there with mobile apps but you notice that they are unattractive and unappealing. Why would they put out such mediocre apps? It is because they simply do not know any better and the companies they choose to design the apps did not do their main job of educating them on how their design would affect the app’s success.

From your preliminary research you have come to the conclusion that you need a well-designed mobile application that looks appealing and professional, and it must have all of the features that will make it easier for potential customers to get the information that they need about your products or services. It must also have a clear path for customers to contact you with as few steps as possible – preferably a one-tap option to put them directly in touch with you.

Why do we emphasize the importance of a sleek design?

It is pretty simple – human beings are naturally drawn to beautiful things, just like all eyes are focused on a pretty woman walking down the street. The same rule applies to the mobile app market. There are many mediocre apps wandering around in the Apple App Store and Android Markets, but the visually appealing applications are the ones that are viewed and downloaded the most. Therefore, Multichoice Apps focuses on creating the most attractive apps that are also the most functional. This results in instant success for the application and higher revenues for the company. It is an amazing formula: Visual Appeal + Functionality = Success!

Functionality is also a critical component of the mobile app development because no matter how pretty and captivating the app’s interface is, it is almost worthless if it does not work right because it is not fulfilling its ultimate purpose of serving the customer. Multichoice Apps has cutting-edge design techniques that produce amazing apps that are ahead of their time. You will definitely have an advantage if you have an app that is technically superior in an arena that is still fairly new.

As an example, Multichoice Apps has developed business iPhone applications for automotive dealerships. You can view a few of these apps right from your iPhone - simply search for and download any of the following applications: Honda Mall of Georgia, Jaguar Orlando or Toyota of Naples. These dealerships have already experienced more than 3000 downloads, and this could have the same results for your business!

Multichoice’s apps are loaded with many powerful features. For instance, Push Notifications allow dealerships to communicate directly with customers by sending them text messages or images of new and featured vehicles. Video presentations are also being incorporated into the applications. It is the equivalent of having your own multi-functional broadcast station for a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, this will result in higher revenues and success for your business. Contact us today at

Friday, June 3, 2011

The Future of Automobile Dealerships: Mobile Applications

A recent report put out by a mobile application reviewer stated that BMW dealerships are using them and they have helped sales. Why don’t you give it a try?

Ty Whiting, a representative from Classic BMW in Ohio, says, “Our iPhone app is a fantastic tool for our dealership. We send news and updates to our customers with it. They can check our inventory and request appointments directly from it. Our app is always in our customers’ pocket.” If you’re the manager of an auto dealership and you want to be in your customers’ pocket then you should probably join the club as well.

Many dealerships are beginning to recognize the benefits of mobile iPhone and Android apps. Today’s customers like to get their information on products and services quickly and conveniently. They will naturally gravitate to the company that will make this a reality. If your business can’t keep up, another one will. To stay ahead of the curve, your dealership needs to be that “other” company.

The report shows that dealerships get the most mileage from apps that feature instant notifications, inventory searches, and appointment scheduling. Push notifications, which allow alerts to reach the customer even if the mobile app is not open, enable them to connect with customers via text and picture-based messages, including announcements of sales and coupons. Inventory searches make car shopping easy and convenient from a customer’s phone, and this is great for customers who value privacy and may not be in the mood for an actual drive to a dealership or filling out a visitor card that will probably be followed by a shadowed trip around the parking lot. Appointment scheduling lets customers quickly request appointments without the need to go online or make a phone call.

People find mobile apps more appealing than internet websites because of their visual flair and also due to the idea that they are much easier to use. Options to access key information are usually just one touch screen tap away. Having a mobile app increases your dealership’s accessibility, and customers will reward you by responding to the added convenience.

If you are interested in finding out how to get a great mobile app created at a very reasonable price, you can contact Multichoice Apps and an app will be designed to maximize your dealership’s success. Multichoice has helped other dealerships increase revenues and they can do the same for you! Contact us today