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Why does your business need a mobile apps?

Mobile applications, commonly known in the consumer tech world as “apps”, are the newest must-have tool in the box of any small business that makes use of the web, whether it is web-based or does some amount of business over the internet. Why? Simply put, the number of people that are using mobile applications in the United States as well as across the globe is huge. Mobile app downloads across all phones worldwide are projected to approach 50 billion in the year 2012, according to Chetan Sharma Consulting.

As with any legitimate business, you have to be serious about your commitment to having a mobile app developed for your company.  If you want to stay in the game and reach your customers that may need access to you and your services while they’re on the go, you’re going to need a mobile application. And if you want to succeed, it will take more than just relying on your mobile website that may or may not always load like you want it to.
This is where Multichoice Apps come in. We offer the solution to your quest for a mobile application in the form of quality, effective apps that can be designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android mobile devices. These apps will promote interest in your business and give you a virtual local and national presence.

For example, a company may be in the business of helping people find the best places to eat, shop and play, based on their personal profile and recommendations from people with similar preferences. It can be viewed as a personalized local business recommendation engine. Multichoice can develop an application that allows consumers to access this platform directly from their phone while they complete their day to day activities.  It can be done quickly and customers can get the information that they need to make decisions. Everyone is happy.

Multichoice Apps designs its great applications by starting at the beginning: “Identify the app’s purpose.” What do you intend to gain from the application? What will your customer get out of it? People may go to your company’s website when sitting at home on their laptops. They will need to use your mobile app when they’re away from their home or office. Next, Multichoice helps you decide which components are necessary for your app to succeed, and which items can be introduced into the application over time. We will make sure your application pleases the eye with captivating graphic design while making sure that it isn’t overwhelming to the point that it interferes with the user's experience. When it comes to getting the attention of today’s informed consumers, a tasteful and professional appearance is definitely the way to go.

Once the app is created and is in full swing, the process of refinement is key for the future success of the application and the business. Multichoice makes it a priority to talk to their clients as much as possible. Do not let your business fall behind – Multichoice can step in and give you the boost that you need so contact us today!

Apps for car dealerships

Multichoice Apps develops custom mobile applications for many different types of businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re a floral shop owner trying to increase your sales or a real estate firm that wants to increase your client base – Multichoice can definitely help you!

Why get a mobile application designed for your business? iPhone apps are easy to access for those that use the phone, and are therefore used more frequently than mobile web sites. Apps can be downloaded in a matter of seconds so your customers will not need to wait while your mobile website downloads in a weak signal area, or fails to download completely due to technical reasons. Mobile applications also have the flexibility to be used offline. Finally, iPhone owners are used to getting the maximum out of their devices so once your mobile app is downloaded, it will be used and the user will know who you are.

As an example, Multichoice Apps has developed business iPhone applications for automotive dealerships. You can view a few of these apps right from your iPhone - simply search for and download any of the following applications: Orlando Infiniti, Orlando Lotus, or our newest app for Jaguar Orlando. These dealerships have already experienced more than 3000 downloads. This could be your business!

Multichoice’s apps are loaded with many powerful features. For instance, Push Notifications allow dealerships to communicate directly with customers by sending them text messages or images of new and featured vehicles. Video presentations are also being incorporated into the applications. It is the equivalent of having your own multi-functional broadcast station for a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, this will result in a higher ROI for you.

Our apps make your business’s presence known in Apple’s App Store's via the search function. Pairing the App Store's expansive reach with Social Media provides you with an unparalleled virtual advertising presence. Do not wait – come get your mobile app today!

Ways to promote your business app

You have been observing the news and your industry’s market, and you are considering having a mobile application designed for your business in hopes to reach more consumers. Mobile apps are the new thing for the hot iPhone and Android devices, but how can having a mobile application really help you, and how can you incorporate it into your existing technology? Here are a few suggestions.


If you have a Twitter page (which you should create if you don’t have one already), you now have something to tweet about! Most people access their Twitter pages through their phones, so having a mobile app goes hand in hand because you can tell people to download your new app, which they can easily do by simply pressing a button or two and going over their app store to quickly snatch it up. Twitter’s speedy but subtle communication style makes it easy to remind your customers of your app everyday without overwhelming them with lengthy advertisements.


Facebook is a must have tool for new businesses looking to network fast and for cheap. You can use Facebook to popularize your app by simply updating the status on your company’s profile, as well as provide a link to your website. Facebook also makes it easy for others to share your presence, so by posting one status asking people to download your app, you can easily reach hundreds or thousands of potential customers in no time. Facebook is also frequently accessed by users from their phones so this makes the transition their app store to download your app that much easier.


If your company uses Youtube to advertise products or services, you can create a video introducing your application and how it works. Visual presentations are always effective when marketing, and you can use the mediums discussed above to promote the new video, which will encourage people to go download the mobile app to use for themselves.

Multichoice Apps makes this easy for you to do. Visit us at and get in touch today!

How mobile app will work for your business?

So, you have looked at your business needs and decided that you are ready to go mobile. How exciting! Where do you start? You may be wondering exactly how a mobile application created for you will work, and how consumers will find it. Multichoice Apps can design a great app that is tailored for your company’s specific needs. All we have to do is get a feel for what your company does, your customer base, and what your goals are. We can take it from there.

Multichoice Apps makes mobile applications for the iPhone and Android platforms. Let’s use the iPhone as an example to demonstrate how users will find and use your new app. First, they will browse or use keywords to search Apple’s App Store for available apps in the category that your product or service falls in. It works much like an internet search engine. They will see icons for available apps, and they can then select your company and read a captivating description that accurately describes your product or service. The user can then press “Install” and download the application directly to their iPhone.

What happens next? The user can then open your application and see a screen with your company’s logo and carefully placed graphics to appeal to their senses.  They can then use the options that will be made available to get more information about your company and how to access you or your services. For example, we can customize your app interface to have buttons that users can press to place a direct call to your office or store, get directions to your place of business, send you an email, view a catalog or brochure, or make an appointment right from the app. You are also only one click away from the company’s website. Multichoice’s mobile apps make it easy for a whole new market of consumers to access you. Contact Multichoice Apps today for a consultation or visit us at

Mini billboard in the customer hands

You have an exciting new business and you’re ready to lead the industry in mobile communication between you and your customers. Or maybe you’ve been in the market for a while and would like to find new ways to reach customers and make your business run smoother and more efficiently. With either scenario, making mobile devices and smartphones work for your company may be the best move you can make at this time.

Many businesses across the United States as well as international companies are now developing mobile applications for hot devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch from Apple and Android devices made by some phone manufacturers. Creating these apps makes it easier for your customers to access information on your company’s products or services. Not only can you please your existing customer base – you now have a way to easily snag new customers who may be looking in the iPhone’s App Store or Android’s Market for a company that does what you do.

One company that is leading the way in developing mobile applications for businesses is Multichoice Apps. They offer solutions that include creating mobile apps for businesses that would like to establish a mobile presence and reach new customers. Multichoice’s apps are very well-designed and are effective in reaching the customers that you want to target. They develop apps for large and small companies, and the apps can be customized for a variety of businesses and can be designed to create many types of tools such as product catalogs, driving directions, and much more. The powerful development platforms that the iPhone and Android technology provide offers an endless number of possibilities for your business. You can visit our website at
So, if you want the edge in this ever changing economy, you gotta go mobile! 

Why Mobile App?

Your company has a great product or service, and you want people to hear about it. Your customers are screaming for an easier way to interact with your business and they want to see you develop a mobile application for easier access to information on your products and services. How should you answer these requests?

You should be able to say, “Of course, we have an app for that.”

Believe it or not, 234 million Americans over the age of 13 have mobile phones, and 97% of the phones sold today have data capability. Do you know what that means? Yes – it is an opportunity to reach many more consumers. It also makes sense because it becomes less complicated when meeting the needs of your customers and your business goals.

Companies such as Multichoice Apps offer mobile solutions such as the creation of mobile applications for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iTunes, and Android phone market. These apps can be used by your business to promote and create business awareness while generating consumer interest with integrated Social Media elements. You can view our website and contact at at

Why does your business really need a mobile application? This is a good question to ask yourself before investing in the creation of an app. Consider this: most people that you see at the airport or local coffee caf├ęs are not only using laptops to browse the web any more. Many of them are now doing business and social networking through their mobile devices. The mobile phone world changed with the introduction of iPhone’s App Store and Android Market. The world can change for your business if you put these great tools to use. Get in touch with Multichoice Apps today and find out how you can get a mobile app customized to meet the needs of your customer while improving your business’s profits!

Where to find new customers!

As a business owner I realize long time ago that Internet is the best way to promote and advertise my service, and also I realized that have website it just a small accomplishment toward generating more revenue. These days with booming of Social Media sites an opportunity to communicate with customers not only getting visitors which come to your website and leave without of foot print become huge, but I still was looking for the way that I can invite customers check my website, contact to me but also make customer keep my website and communicate with my business in their file.

I found that, thanks - Apple, it was not necessary to sleep under apple tree and apple to fall on your head, to discover this idea LOL..

As soon as Apple released with iPhone and it's ability to run various Apps, I was pleasantly surprised, this was was exactly what i was looking for.

My website can be framed into iPhone application with my business name and posted under appropriate category search in App store.
My iPhone application allows potential customer communicate with my business with new and convent technology such as touch to call,touch to email and build into GPS capacity.
My application has all my Social Media connections in one place.
My application let me posted keynote and images to describe my business .
My application allows me to send my customers push notification with text,images,audio and video-huge advertisement potential
With all these my business has huge exposure among millions of iPhone users but also let everyone who select to download my application keep my business in their file!
Yes,iPhone app is the best solution for business owner and really priceless.

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Mobile app for your company

Multichoice Apps offer many mobile solutions such as: iPhone, iPod touch, iTunes, iPad  and Android applications to promote and create business awareness consumer generated advertisement with integrated Social Medial elements. We'll happy to discuss the possibilities to create an application for your company.
Business promo package standard features:

1. Registered business name on Apple store (iTtunes)
2. Icon with business logo
3. Two splash pages with business selected images (adjustments of at work provided)
4. Enter pages with business descriptions appears on Itunes store
5. First splash page will have three links: click to call, direction, email us
6. Second splash page will have two website links which can be directed at business choice
7. Facebook link
8. Photo gallery
9. Youtube link
10. Twitter link
11. Page "More" with links to Social Media pkg, News, Testimonials and Power By apps developer page
12. Page Services and Appointments
13. Page Notification Notes - where customer can review offers from business

Once Multichoice Apps will receive selected by customer images and made all required adjustments on art, content, keywords Mutlichoice Apps will assemble apps and send artwork for final approval.

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