Monday, December 5, 2011

Dealers: Your mobile app can do more than just tell people that you exist

You have decided to create a mobile application for your business and this was a great idea! Excitement has filled the dealership and the staff is ready to tell the customers and even their families about the arrival of a mobile app that users can now run on their iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. People ask what the new mobile app will contain, and you have briefed the staff on how to respond and describe cool features such as the inventory manager that allows customers to view up-to-date information on vehicles that are currently for sale. You also discuss the QR reader that is enclosed, as well as the parking assistant that helps you find your car in a crowded parking lot. You also mention the About Us page where people can go learn more about the dealership itself and the staff. However, one thing that slips your mind is the Roadside Assistance module. People must know about this function because it is one of the great features of your mobile app!

The Roadside Assistance is a great option that is included in the mobile apps designed by Multichoice Apps that helps stranded motorists get help without having to worry about who to call in an emergency situation. The best thing about this is that users can place a call for help with just one touch on the screen.  As the owner of the mobile app, you have the option of having the call placed to your dealership and sending one of your emergency vehicles to assist the motorist or you can route it to a third party company to provide the assistance, such as AAA or a local towing company. All your customers have to do is provide the assisting company with their location and a summary of the issue and they can get help right away!

Providing Roadside Assistance through your application will show users of the mobile app that you are serious about providing quality service to them before and after the sale of a vehicle. This builds loyalty, which turns into repeat customers. Multichoice Apps have designed mobile apps for many automobile dealers and their feedback indicates that the roadside assistance module is a favorite for many customers. We can help you develop loyal customers with the creation of a great mobile for your dealership.

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