Monday, December 27, 2010

Where to find new customers!

As a business owner I realize long time ago that Internet is the best way to promote and advertise my service, and also I realized that have website it just a small accomplishment toward generating more revenue. These days with booming of Social Media sites an opportunity to communicate with customers not only getting visitors which come to your website and leave without of foot print become huge, but I still was looking for the way that I can invite customers check my website, contact to me but also make customer keep my website and communicate with my business in their file.

I found that, thanks - Apple, it was not necessary to sleep under apple tree and apple to fall on your head, to discover this idea LOL..

As soon as Apple released with iPhone and it's ability to run various Apps, I was pleasantly surprised, this was was exactly what i was looking for.

My website can be framed into iPhone application with my business name and posted under appropriate category search in App store.
My iPhone application allows potential customer communicate with my business with new and convent technology such as touch to call,touch to email and build into GPS capacity.
My application has all my Social Media connections in one place.
My application let me posted keynote and images to describe my business .
My application allows me to send my customers push notification with text,images,audio and video-huge advertisement potential
With all these my business has huge exposure among millions of iPhone users but also let everyone who select to download my application keep my business in their file!
Yes,iPhone app is the best solution for business owner and really priceless.

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