Monday, December 27, 2010

How mobile app will work for your business?

So, you have looked at your business needs and decided that you are ready to go mobile. How exciting! Where do you start? You may be wondering exactly how a mobile application created for you will work, and how consumers will find it. Multichoice Apps can design a great app that is tailored for your company’s specific needs. All we have to do is get a feel for what your company does, your customer base, and what your goals are. We can take it from there.

Multichoice Apps makes mobile applications for the iPhone and Android platforms. Let’s use the iPhone as an example to demonstrate how users will find and use your new app. First, they will browse or use keywords to search Apple’s App Store for available apps in the category that your product or service falls in. It works much like an internet search engine. They will see icons for available apps, and they can then select your company and read a captivating description that accurately describes your product or service. The user can then press “Install” and download the application directly to their iPhone.

What happens next? The user can then open your application and see a screen with your company’s logo and carefully placed graphics to appeal to their senses.  They can then use the options that will be made available to get more information about your company and how to access you or your services. For example, we can customize your app interface to have buttons that users can press to place a direct call to your office or store, get directions to your place of business, send you an email, view a catalog or brochure, or make an appointment right from the app. You are also only one click away from the company’s website. Multichoice’s mobile apps make it easy for a whole new market of consumers to access you. Contact Multichoice Apps today for a consultation or visit us at

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