Monday, January 24, 2011

Going Social? Go Mobile!

During the 1990’s, the internet can be viewed from today’s perspective as being under construction. Many homes were just becoming familiar with the world wide web and its capabilities. Businesses were in the same place, as they had no clue what this phenomenon would mean to them in the future. In the next decade, the internet started to boom with social media. Myspace was the first mainstream introduction to social networking, and Facebook later took the lead. Twitter, LinkedIn and other websites are now carrying the torch while new social media is being created and launched everyday. Companies now realize how important it is to reach the consumer, and they realize that they can now create a more personal experience by reaching into the customer’s social network and identify with them while also figuring out what the customer wants and needs from the company. This can be considered marketing at an intimate level!

New mobile technology such as the iPhone and iPad made by Apple, as well as the Andriod phones, have made marketing to consumers much quicker and easier with the concept of mobile applications. These apps can be downloaded by customers from their phones’ app stores and installed directly on the devices, which allows them to quickly access a company’s services much like a website but it creates a direct link so that customers can access information and contact the company with just a few taps on the screen. The new trend in today’s business world is to integrate mobile apps and social media, and use both to reach customers. One leading company that can help your business step into this arena is Multichoice Apps ( We specialize in creating all-in-one social media marketing packages that include the following:

  • Mobile App Development – Multichoice Apps can analyze your business and turn it into an interface that customers can download and use to stay connected to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can create iPhone and iPad apps as well as Android apps.

  • Social Media – Do you need a Facebook page or Twitter account? Multichoice Apps can also help with the creation of accounts on these networks as well as other hot social media sites. Your pages will be well organized and graphically pleasing to consumers, which will encourage them to try your products or services.

  • Blogs – Today’s educated consumers are teaching themselves by researching and reading about the products and services they are interested in. Multichoice Apps has incredible writing talent on our staff that we will use to create captivating blogs that convey your message and services with the written word.

  • Lead Generators and Delivery System – Whether you are computer savvy or not, Multichoice Apps will make you look like a genius when your site shows up in the top links on every search engine. We can increase your exposure through search engine optimization and the use of internet certificates that will make sure that your company is seen by those that are seeking your products or services.

If you plan to succeed in this ever changing economy, you must be seen and heard. Let Multichoice Apps put you at the forefront and help you reach your business goals!  

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