Monday, January 24, 2011

Importance of social media marketing

Any person that is familiar with running a business knows that marketing is essential to the success of the company. It is also often regarded as the most important component of any business strategy. Large companies can easily spend millions of dollars on marketing agencies to promote their products and services. However, smaller companies that would like to cut costs look for more creative methods to make their presence known. When competition is as fierce as it is in today's business markets, social media marketing is an economical way for smaller and newer companies to reach a vast amount of potential customers in a very short time.

What exactly is social media marketing? In terms as simple as the concept, it involves using social media formats such as blogs, social networking community sites, or video sharing networks to market a product or service. Why is social media marketing so effective? Here's why: popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Flickr have over five million visitors everyday. Therefore, promoting a business through these portals is attractive to small companies because they have a steady stream of traffic that is virtually constant.

Many small companies take the wrong approach when stepping into the social media marketing arena. This is easy to do because business owners think that by simply creating a Facebook page their profits will shoot through the roof! Guess what? That isn’t necessarily the case. Why? Because when thousands of people and businesses create Facebook pages everyday that adds them to the millions of pages that already exist in the network, how will someone possibly find them? You have to know how to market your products and services, and you will need a professional to do this. More importantly, you must know that a Facebook page alone won’t produce the results that you need. You need a complete social media marketing package that can be put into action by a reliable company, and Multichoice Apps ( can do this for you.

The Multichoice Apps marketing package will help you gain more customers in a short period of time, which should increase your business’s revenues as well. Multichoice Apps knows how important it is to generate new business, and we have the tools to create a great package for your products or services.

Their package includes:

  • Facebook Fan Page – Using Facebook to its full potential can help you grow your customer base. Multichoice Apps will create an appealing page that displays your logo and makes it easy to update information in seconds as well as advertise monthly specials and offers. We can also link your Youtube channel and Twitter account to your fan page for real-time status updates and videos.

  • YouTube You can post videos of your products or services in action at your customized YouTube channel. The media can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • iPhone/Android App - One of the most effective methods of reaching a large number of potential customers is by creating a mobile app. Users of the popular iPhones and Android devices can reach you by downloading your app in a number of seconds. Customers then have 24 hour access to your products and services, and the mobile apps make customer service a breeze. You now have a billboard that is placed in the customers’ hands!

Now that you realize the importance of social media marketing and how it is critical to your company’s success, the next step is to get out there! Contact Multichoice Apps today and let them create a social media marketing package that will take your business to a whole new level! Contact us via

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