Friday, June 3, 2011

The Future of Automobile Dealerships: Mobile Applications

A recent report put out by a mobile application reviewer stated that BMW dealerships are using them and they have helped sales. Why don’t you give it a try?

Ty Whiting, a representative from Classic BMW in Ohio, says, “Our iPhone app is a fantastic tool for our dealership. We send news and updates to our customers with it. They can check our inventory and request appointments directly from it. Our app is always in our customers’ pocket.” If you’re the manager of an auto dealership and you want to be in your customers’ pocket then you should probably join the club as well.

Many dealerships are beginning to recognize the benefits of mobile iPhone and Android apps. Today’s customers like to get their information on products and services quickly and conveniently. They will naturally gravitate to the company that will make this a reality. If your business can’t keep up, another one will. To stay ahead of the curve, your dealership needs to be that “other” company.

The report shows that dealerships get the most mileage from apps that feature instant notifications, inventory searches, and appointment scheduling. Push notifications, which allow alerts to reach the customer even if the mobile app is not open, enable them to connect with customers via text and picture-based messages, including announcements of sales and coupons. Inventory searches make car shopping easy and convenient from a customer’s phone, and this is great for customers who value privacy and may not be in the mood for an actual drive to a dealership or filling out a visitor card that will probably be followed by a shadowed trip around the parking lot. Appointment scheduling lets customers quickly request appointments without the need to go online or make a phone call.

People find mobile apps more appealing than internet websites because of their visual flair and also due to the idea that they are much easier to use. Options to access key information are usually just one touch screen tap away. Having a mobile app increases your dealership’s accessibility, and customers will reward you by responding to the added convenience.

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