Monday, June 13, 2011

Importance of video presentations for auto dealers

You are always looking for ways to differentiate your dealership from the others in your area. You pass out fliers and run commercials on the local networks, and the other dealerships do the same. You post banners and have specials, and the other dealerships follow, sometimes with bigger signs and even a mascot dancing on a corner. What else can you do to break away from the pack? You must do what the competition is not doing, and one thing that can set you ahead is having customized videos of your dealership created and marketed to potential consumers. Why make videos? Well, customers are attracted to professionalism and creativity, and if this leads them to the product or service that they want, then they are more likely to do business with the company that takes the extra step. Multichoice Apps has created amazing videos for dealerships that have worked wonders for them. These videos are intriguing and have made some marketing departments very happy!

Multichoice creates videos for dealerships in seven segments:

Welcome – The most important part of any transaction is the introduction because a first impression goes a long way. Multichoice can help you create a captivating introduction that gets the customer’s attention and keeps them watching while being hungry for more information.
Sales – This segment can introduce the general manager and sales staff, and it can be creative in telling the customers why they should come out and visit your dealership. Specials and new vehicles can also be put on display here, and even seen in action.
Parts – Even new vehicles will need parts at some point, and your Parts department can be introduced in this segment. You have the option of showing some new parts on display or just discussing the elite organization and content of your inventory.
Service - Dealerships with good Service departments are more important today then they have ever been because with the technology in cars increasing, customers have to lean more towards the Service staff for maintenance because many newer vehicles now require specialized attention. Your Parts staff can be put on display here.
Finance – At some point you and your customers have to talk about money, and this segment can introduce the Finance staff and make people feel comfortable discussing their financial information before they even step into the dealership. Financing options can also be discussed in this video.
Internet Department – Since the car buying process can now start on the internet, your Internet Sales department can be promoted here. Online deals, promotions, and just the excitement of internet shopping with your dealership can be presented in this segment.
Testimonials – People discussing their satisfaction with your dealership in a video goes a long way with potential customers, especially if the satisfied customers are genuine about the service they received from you. Multichoice can help create a great atmosphere for testimonials and capture them in an amazing video.

One thing to remember is that these videos can be found in search engines, right along with your web page! The best part about it is that SEO (search engine optimization) will allow customers to be led directly to your YouTube channel and Facebook pages, where the videos will be embedded as well. Multichoice also specializes in designing these channels and Facebook layouts so we can actually provide you with a total package of video creation and YouTube/Facebook layout customization. The power is in your hands!

If you’re ready to go that extra mile for success, contact Multichoice Apps today and let us create some great videos for your dealership!

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